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David Rapaport
Founder-Finding Sources
David Rapaport is a US History teacher.  Along with his students, he has published several books and sites based on primary sources:  
Julius Deetken: Pioneer Druggist
Keep At It: The Political Legacy of Millie Jeffrey
A Soldier's Scrapbook
Justice For Dina: Protesting The Auschwitz Museum's Response to Dina Babbitt


Finding Sources



Signatures of War website



Justice For Dina: Protesting the Auschwitz Museum's Response to Dina Babbitt



General collection of articles published in student publications involving the interviews and attempt to contact primary sources.

(Note the last lne of the article) Link to article describing publication called "A Soldier's Scrapbook." This project was based on a large collection of papers found in a garbage dumpster and forwarded to Mr. Rapaport by the father of a former student when he was an instructor in San Jose.


Link to publication on instructional design model used as basis for the project called Julius Deetken: Pioneer Druggist


PDF of original article Julius Deetken: Pioneer Druggist (with illustrations) as it appeared in journal, Gifted Child Today



June 25, 2004 Article from the San Francisco Chronicle on student efforts producing book called Julius Deetken: Pioneer Druggist


PDF of 2002 Project published by the Abraham Lincoln Association on regional differences noted in schools named after Lincoln. This project was done by 150 8th grade students from Bret Harte Middle School in San Jose, California


Pat Tillman's mother, Mary Tillman, visited Palo Alto High School in 2006 and forcefully spoke about the controversy surrounding her son's tragic death.


Connie Yang's magnificent article on Millie Jeffery's daughter's Visit to Paly.



Stanford Professor Barton Bernstein came to Palo Alto High to discuss whether Harry Truman's decision to drop atomic weapons on Japan should be revisited. He appeared on April 7th, 2010

Juan Romero: Hero Who Helped RFK

Juan Romero was a young employee at the Ambassador Hotel who tenderly tried to assist Robert Kennedy after he was shot in 1968. His visit to Palo Alto High School, March 27, 2012 was his first appearance in a school.

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