What We May Learn About The Rule of Law and Democracy From A Congresswoman Who Is A Member of the January 6th Committee



Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, representing the 19th District in Calfornia, has been one of the featured voices in the aftermath of the January 6th insurrection.  With her prominent role on the January 6th Committee,  Lofgren has a unique perspective on the scope and nature of the criminality involved in replacing electors, lying to voters, perpetuating lies knowingly, and having no conscience about lying.  She speaks about the role of the individual voter in her brief interview here, which took place on August 2, 2022.

Importantly, Congresswoman Lofgren is an expert on the the issue of the US Constitution.  Her explanation of the duty to preserve protect, and defend it, is memorable, to say the least.

When news networks scramble to understand the January 6th Committee,  Lofgren's phone continuously rings.  Yet, she had time for an interview with me, which speaks to her willingness to broadly share her observations of this watershed moment in history.  





Click Here for Zoe Lofgren and David Rapaport Interview

What Important Points Does Congresswoman Lofgren Emphasize?

  • What was the scope of the conspiracy to change the outcome of the 2020 election?
  • Why do people still deny the outcome of the election?
  • What testimony shocked Congresswoman Lofgren?
  • What optimistic message did she leave viewers with?
  • What did Congresswoman Lofgren say about the President's stated goal to send armed citizens to the Capitol?