David Rapaport Talks to Jim Zwerg

Social studies teacher David Rapaport interviewed civil rights activist Jim Zwerg over the phone on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009 in Rapaport's classroom. This interview followed an earlier conversation Rapaport had with Democratic Georgia Congressman John Lewis on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2009.

The two discussed the student civil rights movement in Nashville and Zwerg's involvement in the Freedom Rides, bus rides that challenged segregation in transportation in the South.

"They [student activists] were part of the movement, but the movement was part of them," Zwerg said. "And as part of the movement, each of us became more than we would be individually."

Zwerg accepted the fact that if someone were to die during the Freedom Ride demonstration, it would likely be him [sic], because of his status as the only white participant.

"There are things worth dying for," Zwerg said. "Not worth killing for, but worth dying for."  This story was originally published by Zachary Stanton-Savitz of the Paly Voice




Jim Zwerg was nearly beaten to death as he faced a gauntlet of hate-filled segregationists led by the local sheriff.


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