Meeting Warren Verhoff during my visit to Pearl Harbor more than 20 years ago was something I'll never forget.  He spent a good deal of time with me, patiently speaking in a muffled remembrance-filled splashing of bitter memories, made seemingly so much harsher by his repeating the tale for yet another visitor.  As a docent, Verhoff brought life to the story of that day far beyond anything I could have imagined.  It could be that my encounter with him shaped my desire as a teacher to emphasize primary sources in presentations and long-term projects so that a level of authenticity could be felt that seemingly was lacking in the accounts of events I was showing to my students. 


It was truly a privilege meeting Warren Verhoff at Pearl Harbor.  What is published here is very close to what he told me, later found in a book of first hand-accounts of testimony of those serving that day.