Dina Babbitt


Illustration by Sasha Seraia

Justice For Dina


This link will re-direct you to a major undertaking by a group of 150 Palo Alto High School students to assist a local Holocaust survivor named Dina Babbitt recover paintings illegally housed in the Auschwitz Museum against her direct wishes.  









Questions Viewers of This Site Might Wish To Consider

  • What is the function of the Auschwitz Museum? Are they claiming legal ownership of the Holocaust? 
  • Will the museum produce the receipt for their "purchase" of paintings they allege are perfectly legal to own?  Does a robber own the items they steal?  
  • Is it legal for those knowledgeable of a murder to (1) sell property confiscated during the commission of that murder (2) and particularly sell those objects to which an owner may be identified?
  • Is it legal to buy such items as the Auschwitz museum admits it did?
  • What kinds of questions does DIna Babbitt's situation raise for you?
  • What makes the Director of the Auschwitz Museum the referee of the Holocaust?