Dina Babbitt


Illustration by Sasha Seraia


A group of 150 Palo Alto High School students assisted a local Holocaust survivor named Dina Babbitt recover paintings illegally housed in the Auschwitz Museum against her direct wishes.  


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has accepted Mrs. Babbitt's last testimony from the owner of this website.  However, I have had some trouble linking to it from these pages.To see it, type the following into a search engine:


 Dina Babbitt David Rapaport 


Or, cut and paste this link into a new browser 









Questions Viewers of This Site Might Wish To Consider

  • What is the function of the Auschwitz Museum? Are they claiming legal ownership of the Holocaust? 
  • Will the museum produce the receipt for their "purchase" of paintings they allege are perfectly legal to own?  Does a robber own the items they steal?  
  • Is it legal for those knowledgeable of a murder to (1) sell property confiscated during the commission of that murder (2) and particularly sell those objects to which an owner may be identified?
  • Is it legal to buy such items as the Auschwitz museum admits it did?
  • What kinds of questions does DIna Babbitt's situation raise for you?
  • What makes the Director of the Auschwitz Museum the referee of the Holocaust?

Click the above link for a short film on Mrs. Babbitt's story.  This link in no way is meant to replace viewing the detailed interview linked elsewhere on this page.