Former attorney, Democratic Congresswoman, and Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee, Geraldine Ferraro of New York was interviewed during student research for a book published about a Democratic activist named Millie Jeffrey who was instrumental in having Mrs. Ferraro placed on the ticket.    http://www.milliejeffrey.com

Mrs. Ferraro graciously afforded students the opportunity to ask her questions and to allow the interview to drift to current political themes.  In March of 2008, Mrs. Ferraro took a great deal of heat for some comments made while she was with the Hillary Clinton campaign that instantly became injected into the presidential campaign of 2008. Mrs. Ferraro died of cancer in 2011 after a twelve year battle.   


When Geraldine Ferraro left the stage in San Francisco in 1984 as the first woman nominated as Vice President, the first person she greeted was Millie Jeffrey, the subject of a book by Palo Alto High students. Ms. Ferraro discussed this in a wide-ranging interview with Paly students which took place on January 24, 2008. This date was just before the firestorm which was created when Mrs. Ferraro made remarks highly critical of the treatment given to Senator Barack Obama as a candidate versus Senator Hillary Clinton who was being mauled by the press.

David Rapaport & Geraldine Ferraro






Geraldine Ferraro and George Bush were candidates for
Vice-President in 1984.In an infamous televised debate,
Bush appeared to belittle Mrs.Ferraro in a tone
that she responded to with a memorable
rebuke of his paternalism.  This short clip shows
the exchange and Mrs. Ferraro's recollections of it.