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Jim Crow Laws and Their Lasting Significance

Jim Crow laws aren't something only from bygone eras.  Many of the instructors you have as teachers experienced Jim Crow laws first hand. Some might argue that gay people today experience much of the same discrimination behind the segregationist eras of the past.  In many cases, gay people are not allowed official government recognition as equals under the law. At least one leading Congressional figure, Congressman John Lewis, has spoken passionately connecting the Civil Rights movement with the Gay Rights movement.
A link below to a discussion of Stanford Professor Pam Karlan's observations made just before a recent ruling affirming gay rights is illuminating.  These comments were made October 9, 2012 during a visit to Palo Alto High School.

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The Insidious Nature of Jim Crow Laws

What particular behaviors were being restricted in many of the Jim Crow Laws published on this page?  Were there common restrictions State by State?

Who Stood To Gain from Imposing Jim Crow Laws

  • In your opinion, which particular law did you find most punitive?
  • Which states were the most restrictive?  Least restrictive?
  • Why were Americans willing to tolerate racial segregation as enumerated in these laws?
  • What court rulings played into the hands of segregationists?  Which rulings flew in the face of Jim Crow laws?