Senator Joseph McCarthy was censured by a vote of 65-22 saying McCarthy, "acted contrary to senatorial ethics and tended to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute, to obstruct the constitutional processes of the Senate, and to impair its dignity; and such conduct is hereby condemned."


The Red Scare and McCarthyism

How destructive was the Red Scare?  What were the implications of the fear of Communism?

"Have you No Sense of Decency, Sir?"

  • Attorney Joseph Welch had a memorable encounter with Senator McCarthy during the Army McCarthy Hearings. There, the Senator was under attack for allegedly procuring special treatment for a Private named David Schine. McCarthy was so angry, he smeared Welch's colleague, a young lawyer named Fred Fisher who once belonged to an organization in McCarthy's sights.  Welch's defense of Fisher, and his spirited rebuttal marked the end of McCarthy's influence.  What was Welch's main point?
  • Who was Roy Cohn and what role did he play in the McCarthy Hearings?
  • How did Richard Nixon make a name for himself with the assistance of a Time Magazine editor, who was a former Soviet agent?