Could it be said that America was hypocritical in having a segregated army fight against the forces of fascism throughout the world?  How just was a cause wherein a black American soldier couldn't buy a ham sandwich in a local deli, or see a film in a theatre, while German prisoners of war held in the United States could?  What would it take for a soldier to want to fight for a country that would discourage and outright prevent him from becoming an officer despite his ability?  Why were Japanese segregated and imprisoned by Executive Order 9066?


Why was the Army Segregated During World War II?

Some see the Truman's order as a watershed moment in American race relations. What is meant by this?

From Ignorance to Integration

  • Why was it important to have a de-segregated army?
  • How did the this executive action affect the two decades to follow?
  • What did the power of the presidency do, constructively, to achieve Civil Rights for Americans? What about the Legislative Branch?  Judiciary?